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What to Expect When Getting Your First Professional Massage: A Light-Hearted Guide

Updated: May 9

Your First Professional Massage

Ah, your first professional massage! It's like your first roller coaster ride, but instead of

screaming your lungs out, you get to "ahh" your stress and tension away. If you’re gearing up for your first ever massage session and not knowing what to expect or have visions of accidentally turning up in a ball gown or sporting swim trunks, fear not! This guide is to let you know what to expect during a massage and to ensure your debut massage experience at is as smooth as the premium massage oils we use.

Before You Go: The Wardrobe Pre-game

First things first, what to wear to the massage. This is not the time to break out your new, complicated outfit or anything that requires an instruction manual to remove. Think comfort and ease – like yoga pants and a tee, a simple sundress or your favorite muumuu. Yes, that level of comfort. There's not even a need for makeup or any jewelry. You’re going for relaxation, not a fashion show!

First Professional Massage

Arrival: Setting the Scene

When you arrive for your massage in Round Rock, expect a warm welcome—no, we won’t roll out the red carpet (this time) but we will greet you with big smiles and offer some water and check to see if you need a restroom break before starting. We’ll start with a brief consultation. Here’s where you tell us about those achy spots that's been living rent free in your body and what you hope to get from the massage.

Communication is key – so don't hesitate to discuss what you hope to achieve from the massage therapy session. We'll talk about what you can say if you need more pressure applied and have a safety word for when you need less pressure. (Hint – The safety word is "LESS!!)"

First Professional Massage in Round Rock

The Main Event: What to Wear on the Massage Table

Now, the burning question: What do you wear during the massage? If the thought of undressing makes you feel like you’re about to perform a magic act—“Now you see clothes, now you don’t!”—take a deep breath. The truth is, it’s all about what makes you comfortable. Most folks opt to undress to their level of comfort; some go full commando under the sheets, while others prefer to keep more on (like underwear). Either way, you’ll be draped with both a sheet and a blanket throughout the session, covered everywhere except where we’re working.

Think of it as a professional game of peekaboo with muscles.

During the Massage: The Relaxation Symphony

As for the massage itself, imagine it as a symphony where your muscles are the orchestra, and we’re the conductor (just without the fancy tuxedo and baton). We’ll adapt our techniques and pressure to your comfort level, ensuring each area of tension you mentioned is addressed— yes, even that stubborn knot that’s been freelancing as a rock. Feel free to give feedback during the session – anything goes, words, grunts, huffs, puffs, moans, groans or giggles . After all, it’s your body’s personal concert!

Post-Massage: Gliding Out

Once your massage is complete, you might feel like a noodle —relaxed and maybe a bit too wobbly. Take your time getting up. There’s no rush, and let’s be honest, it’s not every day you get to legitimately laze around wrapped in a cocoon of blankets.

Don’t be surprised if you’re a bit thirsty or even sleepy. It’s normal. Just drink water and enjoy the afterglow—this is your body thanking you for treating it like royalty.

Booking Your Next Round Rock Massage Appointment: Repeat the Bliss

Before you float out the door, consider booking your next appointment. Regular massages are like those binge worthy TV series you love—they keep getting better, and you’ll always want to know what’s next.

So there you have it! Your lighthearted (yet accurate) guide to getting your first ever

professional massage. Remember, at, we’re here to make your

experience easy and efficient but also therapeutic, smooth and relaxing so if you find that you have other concerns or questions you'd like to know more about, please don't hesitate to contact us (call, text or email).

Thanks for reading this!

Can't wait to see you unwind and find your peace!



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