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6 tips

BBL Austin, TX


If you’re in Austin, TX and considering getting a BBL, here are a handful of tips to keep in mind. I work on BBL patients post-operatively every day, and there are some important things to know as early in this process as possible - from which abs board and back board to buy to how much exercise is correct.

“Moe is extremely professional, knowledgeable, caring, always makes sure you're comfortable and a great conversationalist. I'm so glad I chose him for my post operative lymphatic drainage massages!! The results are seen literally by the end of each massage.”  - Brianna, Jan 2021

#1 - Don’t sit / lay on your back, sides or bottom for the first 6 weeks.

Fat transferring means that live cells (adipose tissue) have been transferred via liposuction from (typically) your abdomen, flanks (“love handles”) and back to your bottom. Living cells need oxygen to survive. If you sit on your bottom not only you might shift/dislocate those fresh cells  (losing protrusion) you will also constrict blood flow to the area, killing those cells.

Our massage tables are set up specifically for that - you will be able to finally lay on your back, rest and get drained, all while your bottom is suspended in the air and not touching anything.

#2 - No gym workouts, heavy lifting, extraneous sports for at least 6 weeks.

You’ve just had invasive surgery. It could be Smart Lipo or Laser Lipo or Lipo 360 and a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). Your skin was literally separated from your muscles while being scraped with a giant needle (cannula). You’re swollen. Your body needs to heal even if you’re not feeling pain. Let it.

#3 - Make sure to PLAN for your lymphatic drainage sessions.

In most cases, you will be needing 2 sessions a week for the first 6 weeks (on average), but it differs for each patient. Schedules get filled up quickly, and lately the clinic is often booked 2-3 weeks in advance.

Once you have a confirmed day for the procedure, start planning by contacting us to book a session (see availability here, too). Call, text or email the clinic if you need help.

#4 - Drink plenty of water!

How much is plenty? Half your bodyweight in ounces. If you weigh 200lb, you should drink 100oz of water a day.




Lymph itself is 96% water. As the water in the body depletes, our lymphatic flow slows down and becomes “dirty” due to a build-up of waste that cannot be eliminated at the necessary rate. It might also affect our body’s immune system as its main ‘transport network’ of lymphocytes (white blood cells) slows down.


#5 - Wear your compression garments.

If you’ve had liposuction and/or BBL done, there are three specific garments we recommend: wear your Faja, this front abs board and this back board. Make sure you have zero compression on the BBL area.

How tight do you need the compression to be? Tight enough to hold the boards in place. It should not bruise your skin or restrict breathing. Wear it 24/7 for the first 6 weeks (taking it off to shower/ wash it).

#6 - Walk 1 hour a day (total).

Don’t walk for a straight hour, but walk an hour a day in total, in bits during the day. Your lymphatic system relies on micro-contractions of the lymphatic vessels themselves AND muscle contractions. These little walks will help with lymphatic drainage.

That's it - you know what you need to know! Be sure to book online (as soon as you know your surgery date) or see pricing, if you need more info.

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