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Round Rock Massage


Massage In ATX is the leading massage therapy clinic in Round Rock. We specialize in pain management massage. Our massage modalities include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Fulcrum (Deep) Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Sports Massage, Orthopedic Massage, and Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage, just to name a few.


Our specialized massage therapy not only helps with pain but is relaxing and alleviates stress.

What Sets Us Apart As Your Round Rock Massage Therapy Clinic?

Our pain management massage process is unique. Rather than limiting you to choosing one type of massage modality  (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, etc); we assess your areas of concern together (i.e: neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, Sciatica, swelling from surgery, etc), you choose the length of time (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes), and we take care of the rest.


Quick Fix

30 minUTeS

100% therapeutic pain relief massage, focusing on one muscle group and one muscle group only

(Note that there is no option for 30 minute Lymph Drainage, it's just not enough time to be effective)


Ideal if

  • You are extremely limited in time 

  • It's your lunch break 

  • it’s an emergency

  • You have a crick in the neck

  • You “slept wrong”

  • You pulled a muscle lifting, bending over or just breathing

Lymph Drainage

Essential Relief

60 minUTeS

Suitable for relaxation, stress relief (Swedish massage) manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), therapeutic work (deep tissue) or any combination



Ideal if

  • You just want a good, all over, solid full body massage

  • You have one or two areas that need therapeutic focus

  • You’ve had up to 2 areas of liposuction (Abs, back, flanks, arms, inner thighs, chin etc.) 

Lymph Drainage

Complete Relief

90 minUTeS

 Maximum stress or tension relief, proper therapeutic work for several stubborn focus areas or a combination.

Ideal (and recommended) time if it's our first Lymphatic Drainage session

Ideal if

  • You need several areas of focus (e.g. neck, shoulders, and also lower back or hips)

  • You suffer from chronic/constant stress or tension

  • You have a lot on your mind and need some “time away”

  • You have a “busy brain” and it takes you a while to relax/let go

  • You’ve had multiple areas of liposuction (i.e - Lipo360 plus thighs, arms or chin)

  • You’ve had other procedures done in addition to Liposuction (e.g - fat transfer (BBL), Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation/lift/reduction etc.)

Lymph Drainage

Complete Overhaul

120 minUTeS

The ultimate in relaxation or therapeutic relief. We will take our time and address every single issue.

The right choice for Post Operative Lymph Drainage, if you've had multiple procedures done at once

Ideal if

  • You read everything mentioned in the previous ones but know you'll need more time

  • You’re super busy, you’ve finally found some time and want to make the most of it and maximize the benefits of your massage

  • You’re giving a generous gift to a friend or a loved one (gift cards are available online)

  • Your fibromyalgia is flaring up and you need a full body MLD or Massage session to address it

  • You need a full body Manual Lymphatic Drainage session to flush out your entire lymphatic system

Couple's Massage

Learn From a Pro

90 minUTeS

Not your typical "couple's massage".

While your partner is on the massage table, the therapist will demonstrate the proper technique and pressure to massage the requested muscle(s).

Then it'll be your turn to try it.

Your partner will give feedback and compare it to the therapist's

(this is called a "Touch Comparo").

Once you nailed it, we'll move on to other techniques and/or other muscles.

Read more here

Ideal for

  • New couples looking to build a stronger foundation

  • Seasoned partners seeking to reignite their connection

  • Couples wanting a hands-on approach to learning massage techniques from a professional therapist

  • Individuals interested in wellness and holistic practices

  • Those in search of a thoughtful and memorable gift idea

$ FREE $

Free Enhancements

Use of heated neck wrap

Use of heated back pack

Foot Massage (by request)

Scalp Massage (by request)

Face Massage (by request)

Use of Ice (when needed)

Warm towels post massage

Use of pain relief gel

Free WiFi

Phone(s) Charging Station

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