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Finally - *Instant* Gift Cards!

FINALLY - Just in time for Mother's Day - You can now purchase *Instant* Gift Cards online.

Just scroll up the the top of the page and hit the "Instant Gift Cards" button. You will have 30(!) different card designs to choose from, just use the arrows <--- ---> to navigate when you get there.

Here are some ideas for who this would make an amazing gift for -

- The usual - birthdays, anniversaries, mother's/father's day, weddings, engagements...

- Someone who moved into a new home (they are stressed, and sore)

- Overworked/over stressed employee or colleague - massage will relieve tension and boost moral

- ANY pregnant lady you know - trust me on this.

- Someone who just got a job - help them celebrate and send them off to a great start!

What 2 people that you know could benefit from a massage?

They NEVER Expire



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