Introducing The Most Comfortable Massage Table Around - aka "The Marshmallow Cloud" :)

Updated: May 6, 2019

Finally upgraded our massage table to the latest and greatest from Oakworks!

(Hydraulic/Electric ProLuxe Double LiftAssist with ABC system).

Is there anything this table can't do??

8 way(!) adjustable table:

* Back Lift Assist - hydraulic back rest minimizing vertigo and helping with getting up off the table.

* Legs/knees Lift Assist - hydraulic lift under your knees to considerably reduce low back pain.

* ABC System - Adjustable Breast Support lowers to 6" depth when you are prone.

* ABC System - Raises up to support your head and neck when you are supine (face up) to minimize strain on your neck.

* ADA Compliant - Americans With Disability Act compliant, lowering to 18" off the ground.

* 6" of memory foam padding + 2 extra inches of table padding (not pictured) for ultimate comfort.

You've got to try this table for yourself. It's like falling asleep in a marshmallow cloud :).


Our massage therapy clinic is located in Round Rock, Texas at (1490 Rusk Rd., Round Rock, TX 78665), but we often get clients from all over Central Texas, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and North Austin.

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