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Introducing The Most Comfortable Massage Table Around - aka "The Marshmallow Cloud" :)

Updated: May 5, 2019

Finally upgraded our massage table to the latest and greatest from Oakworks!

(Hydraulic/Electric ProLuxe Double LiftAssist with ABC system).

Is there anything this table can't do??

8 way(!) adjustable table:

* Back Lift Assist - hydraulic back rest minimizing vertigo and helping with getting up off the table.

* Legs/knees Lift Assist - hydraulic lift under your knees to considerably reduce low back pain.

* ABC System - Adjustable Breast Support lowers to 6" depth when you are prone.

* ABC System - Raises up to support your head and neck when you are supine (face up) to minimize strain on your neck.

* ADA Compliant - Americans With Disability Act compliant, lowering to 18" off the ground.

* 6" of memory foam padding + 2 extra inches of table padding (not pictured) for ultimate comfort.

You've got to try this table for yourself. It's like falling asleep in a marshmallow cloud :).



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