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Compassionate Care for Cancer Patients With Oncology Massage

It's a common myth that people with cancer shouldn't receive massages. We're here to dispel this misconception and reassure you that massage therapy can be a safe and beneficial part of cancer care.

At our Round Rock massage clinic, we specialize in providing compassionate and tailored massage therapy for individuals with cancer. Whether you're a survivor or currently undergoing treatment (including chemotherapy and radiation), we are here to support you.

Yes, You Can Have a Massage During Cancer Treatment

Its a common myth or concern that massage can cause cancer to spread. This is false. Massage, including lymphatic drainage, does not cause cancer to spread or accelerate its progression in the body. In reality, massage can be safely received even while undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Understanding this can alleviate worries and help those undergoing treatment to benefit from the relaxation and relief that massage therapy can provide. 


Even in the midst of treatment, massage can help:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Alleviate pain and discomfort

  • Improve overall well-being


Our trained and experienced massage therapist, Moe Marvi understands the unique needs of cancer patients and takes every precaution to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Addressing Fragility Concerns

Many people believe that individuals with active cancer are too fragile for massage. However, with the right approach and expertise, massage therapy can be a crucial component of supportive care. Moe is skilled in adjusting techniques to suit the specific needs of those currently battling cancer, ensuring that each session is both safe and therapeutic.​

The Healing Power of Touch - Book Your Session Today!

Let us support you through your journey with the healing power of touch. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where you can experience the benefits of massage therapy regardless of your current health status.

Contact us today to learn more about how our specialized oncology massage therapy can be a part of your cancer care plan. We are dedicated to your well-being and look forward to helping you find comfort and relief during this challenging time.

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