Know Your Muscles Monday!

Know Your Muscles Monday - Pecs! (Pectoralis Major). From throwing a ball underhand to lifting a child to making snow angels - Pec Major is involved.

Desk jobs, sleeping on your side or just bad posture are just some of the things than can affect these muscles. Massage (and stretching after a massage) can significantly help loosen tightness, contribute to a better posture and even help breath better.

Book yourself a session, and let's help you make beautiful full range of motion snow angels!


Our massage therapy clinic is located in Round Rock, Texas at (1490 Rusk Rd., Round Rock, TX 78665), but we often get clients from all over Central Texas, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and North Austin.

(737) 808-4228

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1490 Rusk Road - Suite #404
Round Rock, TX

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